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mep & hvac training

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  4. 4.fire fighting
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  8. 8.fire & safety
  9. 9.building management system(bms)

Mechanical Course

Piping Engineering and its equipments lead for 25% of total investment in all chemical, process, LPG/ CNG Plant, oil and pharmaceutical plants.Piping Engineers play a crucial role in plant design.

Electrical & Electronics

More power system experts trust ETAP for their most demanding projects. Only ETAP enables users to successfully and cost-effectively conduct power system monitoring

Civil Course

RCC structures is the traditional way of building .There is a huge demand in India for this as new RCC structures are booming all across. In this course we make the candidates do live design

HVAC Courses

HVAC Engineering is a highly booming industry with huge demand oriented career in it. All Chemical, process LPG, CNG, Oil & gas Pharmaceutical Industries are dependent on HVAC engineering


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